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I was born in Galicia, in the North West of Spain, but have been living in th UK for 35 years.

Direct experience has shown me the importance of foreign languages in general, and Spanish in particular. With some 400 million Spanish speakers around the world, I have been to many places where, if you are able to communicate in Spanish, you will have a clear edge over business competitors who don't.

In 2003, I decided to bring to an end my globe-trotting activities. I thought it was the right time for a career change and took up teaching. Since then, I have enjoyed teaching Spanish at local FE colleges, in local businesses and to private individuals in the North West of England. I have been teaching students from beginner to 'A' level and from 18 to 80! In all, I must say: it has been a most rewarding experience!

Learning a language often requires long term commitment and motivation. Over the years, I have seen how students' motivation declines with time. At the beginning of courses, all students are really motivated. However, this tends to change as time goes on. E-learning is not a miracle solution, but often adds the variety which helps raise students' motivation at least temporarily. The internet in general and social networking interaction in particular, offer big opportunities to learn languages much more flexibly and in a much more practical way. Using social networking as a way of interacting could also prove effective in maintaining motivation.

Most students really value personal tuition. Without a doubt, a good tutor is key in most situations. However, it is particularly relevant in the case of mature students or students preparing for exams, when a good private tutor may make the difference between achieving a good grade, a bare pass or even a fail.

However,  it is often difficult to get a good tutor, mainly because they are few and far between, especially in rural or sparsely populated areas. Even in areas such as Merseyside or Greater Manchester, I have frequently turned down requests for private tuition because of the amount of travel involved. Often, a 20-30 minutes session would be quite helpful to prepare for an 'A' level exam, for example. However, the cost (money and time) of travel, makes such tuition simply not feasible. 

I started teaching Spanish online to avoid lengthy and expensive travel when only 20 -30 minutes sessions were involved. With some effort considerable help from others (see acknowledgements), I managed to launch a website with some free material and some links to social networking sites. Learning from and building on that experience, I have now come to launch this Love-Spanish.com website and learning space.

Our Mission

Love-Spanish.com exists to help you learn Spanish and communicate better in Spanish.

It is our aim to provide a personalised and professional service, concentrating, for example, on listening and speaking skills when you only want to improve oral communication. However, we are also flexible and will just as easily focus on other aspects of Spanish, if you want us to. With us, you will learn all you want to learn and will not learn anything you don't want to. We can advise you, but you decide. What you achieve is YOURS and that is something we will always remember.

Our aim is to focus solely on your needs and concentrate on delivering.

José M. González , BA(Hons), CertEd, MIfL 


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