Throughout the process of shaping my original concept of teaching Spanish online into what it is today, I have been really fortunate in being able to count on multiple sources of help, support and encouragement. That network of friends and resources has been  key. Without them, none of this would really be possible. To them I will forever be grateful. The complete list would be a long one, but from that list, I want to select for special thanks, in no particular order:

  • The creators of  the brilliant Hot PotatoesTM software, which I have used to generate games-exercises and also some of the clip art included in those games-exercises.

  • Tom for his help and feedback in developing interactive online sessions and their contents.
  • Owen for the positive and very constructive feedback on my original website.
  • Stephen for his help in developing interactive on-line sessions.

  • Ian for his ideas and encouragement.

  • Eva, Julio and Paola for their support  in getting some aspects of Facebook started
  • And last, but not least, Maggie for her invaluable support in all aspects of this project.

Finally, just a passing thought: talking to friends, relatives or even people I had never met previously, writing and reading what other people have written has been at the centre my project.

The question is: why not use these resources to widen your circle of friends and communicate with them in Spanish? Follow us and you will be able to do exactly that!


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