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At, we pride ourselves in providing accurate and timely translations from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. Ours is a specialist service concentrating exclusively on translations between those two languages. It is that specialisation which allows us to maintain a sharp focus on providing a cost effective quality service.

We believe that a translation process should go much further than just translating words and sentences from the source to the target language. For example, when translating from English into Spanish, a  properly translated text should go beyond conveying the original English meaning accurately. A properly translated text should look as if it had been written originally in Spanish. Employing a human translator is the best way of achieving that result. All our translations are performed by human translators.

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Service Details

What We Translate

We translate all kinds of material. However, on the basis of the skills needed to perform each translation, we categorise source material on the basis of complexity as either:
  • General material (translator with specific technical knowledge not required)
  • Technical material (translator with additional specific technical knowledge required)

We accept translation assignments of any 'shape and size'. Typical examples of material we accept for translation are:
  • Small Documents (letters, notes, etc. less than one side of A4)
  • Larger Documents
  • E-Mails.
  • Newsletters.
  • Marketing and advertising (brochures, catalogues, etc.)
  • Product documentation (product information, fact sheets, data sheets, etc.)
  • Websites or web pages.

How We Translate

Our standard translation service consists of two separate processes:
  • Translation
  • Proof reading

However, there are times when you want a translation which, whilst being accurate, does not need to be so 'polished'. For example documents for internal circulation within your organisation only. In such cases, we are happy to provide a translation service which does not include the proof reading process.

We also recognise that there are times when you want your translation to go beyond a  translation into a neutral version of the target language. For example, Spanish is spoken across a wide range of countries. Consequently, some times you may want, for example, a translated Spanish document which looks and 'feels' something specifically more Mexican. In such cases, we are happy to apply that additional 'localisation' process.

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How We Deliver

Delivery times scales with our standard translation service depend on the type of material (general or technical) and size of the material to be translated. However, we also have available, at a premium, an optional 'express' service for urgent material. In any case, we are happy to discuss with you the best way to meet your delivery time scales.


The main pricing factors in our translation services are:
  • Complexity of material to be translated (general/ technical).
  • Size of material to be translated
  • Translation processes (proof reading or localisation required)
  • Delivery time scales

As a rule, the biggest discounts will be applied to projects involving:
  • General material, without proof reading and with standard delivery.

Please send us an electronic copy of the material you want translating and we will provide you with a competitive estimate.

For an all inquiries regarding lessons-online or  translation rates please feel free to contact us.

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Contact Us

For specific service queries, please go to Contact Us and fill in an Information Request form. For general queries and bookings, please phone us or send us an e-mail at:

Telephone: +44 (0) 7866 149 044